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Adam Procell

2023–2026 Fellow: The Central DOOR: The Department Of Organized Reentry

Via a life sentence handed down three days after his 15th birthday, Adam Procell found himself on the wrong side of the tracks and would spend nearly a quarter century behind bars. From behind those same bars, he would later renounce his gang affiliation, publish ‘Anatomizing the Gang Culture’, and work tirelessly to keep kids from joining gangs. Soon after his release, he became the Community Outreach Specialist for Partners In Hope, a faith-based prisoner reintegration organization. He is also cofounder of Paradigm Shyft, a strategic reentry consulting firm, and is currently working to de-silo Milwaukee’s many reentry services by closing the revolving door to incarceration by opening The Central DOOR: The Department Of Organized Reentry.

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