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The first 14 FNL fellows work to advance social, racial, and economic equity in communities across the United States.

The Fund for New Leadership (FNL) searches for talent in every corner of the country and supports America’s emerging social changemakers who are working to tackle our nation’s most pressing challenges. Divisiveness, economic inequities and barriers to opportunity are tearing at the very fabric of our society. These historic and persistent problems do not lend themselves to simple or traditional solutions.

All across the country, local innovators, leaders and social entrepreneurs are on the ground, making a difference in their communities and forging new solutions. But few ever gain the recognition and support to break through on a large scale.

That is where FNL comes in. We asked ourselves: What would happen if these start-ups and up-and-coming agents of social change had more resources and support early on? What if they have a new partner, truly in their corner, taking a risk on them and their idea as they make a way out of no way?

We believe early, up-front investments are key to launching emerging leaders and catalyzing their transformative impact.


FNL’s three-year program identifies undiscovered talent taking on major challenges, furnishing them with the support necessary to make a bigger impact earlier in their careers.

The fellowships provide a cohort experience, as well as individualized training, group mentoring, and peer learning experiences over a 36-month period.

Grants are unrestricted in nature and allow fellows to identify during the application process how they plan to use the financial investment to grow their impact.

FNL fellowships offer peer coaching, leadership training and mentoring opportunities.

“FNL has been invaluable in my journey to learn and collaborate with peers and staff dedicated to creating positive change in their communities. While pursuing social impact missions and fundraising can be challenging, FNL’s support team has been instrumental. Their fundraising advisors grasp the intricacies and excel at refining our proposals, increasing our chances of securing additional funding. And the assistance of a professional communications team has made it easier to share our work broadly.”

Kai Tao, 2021 – 2024 Fellow

“From the moment I joined FNL, I was immersed in a community of passionate, driven individuals who shared a common goal: to make a positive impact on the world.”

Danielle L. Campbell, 2023 – 2026 Fellow

“I am deeply grateful for the transformative experience I have had since joining the Fund for New Leadership. I’ve been paired with a diverse cohort of individuals from across the country, all on a mission to become better leaders. The program has helped uncover my unique leadership style, refine my storytelling abilities, and gain valuable insights into effective leadership. What truly stands out about FNL is the unwavering support and genuine care from the dedicated consultants who see us as individuals, regardless of our past. This fellowship shatters stereotypes, reminding me that my past doesn’t define me. For the first time in a quarter century, I feel truly seen and valued as a human being.”

Adam Procell, 2023 – 2026 Fellow
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