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Satya Patel


Satya Patel is a venture capitalist and founder of the venture capital firm Homebrew. Since 2007, Patel has served as a board member of the KIPP Bay Area Schools. Patel studied at Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a BS in Finance and a BS in Psychology. Patel started his career working as a project manager for digital marketing platforms. From 2000-2003, he worked as a project manager at DoubleClick, Inc. where he developed DFA and DFP features. In 2003, he joined Google as an advertising executive. At Google, he worked on product management, developing partnership initiatives, and developing Google Ad Manager and AdSense. In 2007, Patel joined the IT focused venture capital firm, Battery Ventures.  as a partner. From 2011-2012, Patel worked as the VP of Product at Twitter. In April 2013, he co-founded the venture capital firm Homebrew with Hunter Walk. Patel and Walk envisioned supporting companies in the seed stage that they saw as part of a “Bottom Up” based economy. Patel is quoted as saying that Homebrew was founded to “democratize access to products, services, data or customers for constituencies and industries that haven’t had access previously.

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