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The Work

Fellows lead early-stage organizations doing innovative, not-for-profit work to solve difficult social problems.

The Fellows

Our fellows work to advance social, racial, and economic equity. They hail from across the United States, and are all rooted in the communities they serve.

Our mission

We partner with emerging leaders to help them take risks and carry out solutions that better the communities around them.

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Our story

We asked ourselves: What would happen if up-and-coming agents of social change had more resources and support early on?

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Our process

We carried out a rigorous search and selection process to find changemakers whose work would benefit from a unique combination of supports.

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Fellows in Action

FNL Fellow Kevin Beckford (left), co-founder of The Hustlers Guild, uses hip-hop culture to prepare Black and Latinx young people for careers in entertainment, technology, and other fields.
FNL Fellow Mohammed Al Samawi is the founder and director of Abrahamic House — the first-ever national, multi-faith incubator that seeks to build sustainable interfaith understanding and social change.
FNL Fellow Bob Carswell is CEO of Material Return, a one-stop shop for creating a sustainable, socially responsible economy, focusing on custom circularity for textile brands.
FNL Fellow Danielle Campbell is the co-director of 2A Forward — which engages gun owners around a solution-oriented framework of investment in community safety and violence prevention.
FNL Fellow Martine Caverl is co-founder of Ujimaa Medics, which trains residents of urban neighborhoods, especially those affected by gun violence, to be first responders.
FNL Fellow Briane Cornish is co-founder of finEQUITY, which works to improve the financial futures of community members who have experienced long-term incarceration.
FNL Fellow Bree Jones is the founder of Parity, which acquires and rehabilitates abandoned properties to create affordable homeownership opportunities for Baltimore residents.
FNL Fellow Henry Iseman is the founder of Penta Medical Recycling — a nonprofit working to bring affordable prosthetic care to low- and middle-income countries.
Change the Tune, an organization led by FNL Fellow Charli Kemp, works to dismantle inequity in education through transformational learning experiences.
FNL Fellow Janet Martinez is the co-founder of Comunidades Indígenas en Liderazgo (CIELO), which organizes to assure racial justice for Indigenous migrant communities.
CLEAN Carwash, led by FNL Fellow Flor Rodriguez, fights for better pay and working conditions for car wash workers.
At ICAN! (Illinois Contraceptive Access Now), FNL Fellow Kai Tao (left) works to provide equitable access to contraceptive services and reproductive health care.
FNL Fellow Patrick Rodriguez is the co-director of Georgia Coalition for Higher Ed. in Prison (GACHEP) — an initiative working to build and advance equitable, high-quality educational pathways to higher education for incarcerated people.
FNL Fellow Brittany Young is founder and CEO of B-360, which uses dirt bike culture to bring communities together, transform policing and build career pathways for young people.
FNL Fellow “Iron” Mike Steadman is the founder of IRONBOUND Boxing & Education — an organization empowering local community members by offering free amateur boxing, entrepreneur training, and employment opportunities to youth and young adults.
FNL Fellow Felipe Witchger is the co-founder of Francesco Collaborative, which promotes a new and more sustainable vision for impact investing, inspired by Catholic social teaching.

Healing to Action in the Chicago Sun-Times

FNL Fellows Karla Altmayer and Sheerine Alemzadeh were featured for their work empowering survivors of gender-based violence.

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